Monday, June 2, 2008

Safety Inspector Husband

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Being married to a fire safety inspector has it's interesting points. Not that my husband himself is not interesting, but certain aspects of his work shed some light on MY interests...and provide content for this blog!

On our recent trip to northwest Georgia, we stopped at a chain restaurant for breakfast. The omelets are delicious, the coffee acceptable, and the atmosphere,second to none. Yes, I love going to that area of the country because the people are extraordinary. They are so welcoming and friendly. Acceptance is the norm, not rejectance. Doesn't that make sense? I like being accepted no matter what I'm wearing, no matter how I talk, no matter the state my license plate is from. The people in the state of Georgia where we vacation, are more than friendly. They treat us as family.

Fire Inspector that he is, on leaving the restaurant, my husband stated quietly to me that the entrance door needed repair. He would have given a citation in our state because the door did not open easily (evidenced by my 3 attempts to leave the restaurant)! And in this case, I understand why he would have served a citation.

Without sufficient strength, it was HARD to open the exit door! It took three attempts on my part to get out of the building!! The older members of the family (88 and 89) walked though the doors held open but this situation is an evident hazard!
My in-laws do not have the strength to open such a door normally, let alone in the event of a fire or other situation. If they were alone, instability would stop them in their tracks!

While I love the place and the people, I now worry about their safety in the event of a fire. I have to work on letting them know.

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