Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Support Groups for Caregivers

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In the day to day life of a caregiver, maintaining a balanced life can be key to their sanity. It's not an exaggeration that caring for an aging loved one takes a significant toll on a family caregiver. If that person can learn to seek support and use resources when needed, it can make all the difference.

Support groups are a great way for caregivers to connect. Sharing stories and resources offers comfort and suggestions to aid in planning for struggles yet to come. Financial strain is a huge part of what many family caregivers face. As costs of health care and home care increase, they struggle with the sudden new costs they acquire. And many face the loss of work hours due to care responsibilities.

Coming soon is an online support group, the namesake of this blog, Family and Friends of the Aging. We have plans to not only serve as a sounding board for all in need, but to offer educational services as well. Stay tuned!

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