Saturday, October 11, 2008

Taking Care of Business Affairs

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There are a great many seniors living alone or in facilities who need some sort of help taking care of their business affairs. Not all will admit the need for help, but for those who do, there is help available.

The obvious choices for check writing and keeping track of financial obligations for most people would be a relative or trusted advisor. For those who are truly alone, talking with health care agents, or calling the local area on aging may get the names of recommended individuals who specialize in taking care of business affairs and charge according ability to pay. Geriatric care managers may be able to provide this type of service or recommend someone who can.

For the person with funds available to pay, the options are more plentiful. Your accountant or attorney (if you have one) may perform this service for you or recommend a known, independent bookkeeper to take charge. Your banker as well, would be someone who may assist in this area.

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