Sunday, May 18, 2008

Privacy Please

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Mom has always been a stoic person. It seemed to me growing up that she never showed a lot of emotion. I've realized in later years she felt many things but didn't verbalize her feelings. Now, I'm not trying to be a shrink, but, it's only natural to try to figure out what makes your own mother tick. Especially when it helps to understand yourself!

I have definite privacy issues. By that, I mean that what I choose to share with others, I feel is my decision. Now I know where that comes from! My mother is a very private person. Traits that I mistook for lack of emotion or uncaring, weren't that at all. Where the older generation kept "unsavory" family happenings to themselves, succeeding generations discuss these failings more openly. I'm not saying that I agree with the changes in society or that acceptance of these ideals is better than those of our parents generation. I do think talking about the problems of the day, such as caring for aging parents, is a constructive way to ending suffering and guilt particularly, that goes along with caregiving.

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