Friday, May 2, 2008

Weekend Plans

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Holidays have become a little more difficult around our house in recent years. Like everyone else, we look forward to an extra day or so off from work and maybe even a chance to sneak out of town for an extended weekend.

With three elderly parents needing our attention more and more, long weekends are almost a thing of the past. Almost. Call us crazy, but we're trying to plan some time away over the Memorial Day holiday...and we may be taking two of the three with us.

When the subject of getting away first came up, I was ready! My husband has time coming from his job and we haven't spent much time away, just the two of us. Going to the mountains is the perfect getaway for us. A little bit of a drive, but when you live by the ocean, going to the mountains is having the best of both worlds.

At 88 and 89, my husband's parents no longer have much desire to travel. We thought this might possibly be a "last" trip of this nature, where we could combine an outing for them and invite the other siblings to see their folks at the same time. The details aren't planned yet, and I may be getting ahead of myself because we're not certain it will work out. I'll keep you posted!

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