Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Health Screening

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Our neighborhood hospital provides a great service to the area by organizing what they call the SHARE club. It costs nothing to join but members over 65 years of age can choose from a variety of monthly events to attend. A lot are informational meetings, some various health screenings, while others are a combination luncheon and social services program. They may have other programs that I am ,as yet, not aware of, but I will be learning more about them.

Mother and I will be attending an upcoming screening in May for what is advertised to be a skin cancer screening Mom saw in the newsletter they send out. Mom has had three skin cancers removed from her nose before she moved to be closer to me. She has seen a dermatologist once since her move and she really wasn't impressed with him. In her opinion, an 85 year old should receive more than a cursory glance from across the room!

She wears sunscreen religiously and a visor my Dad used to call her "beak" anytime she is in daylight. But she suspects the cancer is back. I guess we'll see just how thorough this screening is.

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