Sunday, April 13, 2008

Faith is Enough

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One of the reasons I started a non profit support group for caregivers of the aging was due to caring for my own parents. My father passed away early in 2005. My mother has since moved close to my husband and me. We have our ups and downs and today was more of a downer for me.

My sister lives close to two thousand miles from us but she talks to mother every day. It's not always convenient for her but just a few minutes on the phone with Mom and it reassures her of how things are going. Of, course, she hears just one side of the day. Today, she picked up on Mom's hearing problem.

Mom has difficulty hearing and will NOT admit to that fact. What do you do when conversations just pass her by? I've tried several suggestions to no avail and just today, it hit home how much her memory is failing. Not only does she not remember my suggestions, she doesn't remember the problem!

I've spoken of the memory testing and memory loss in previous posts. She had agreed to testing then changed her mind. My sister has noticed the lapses and mentioned it to me this evening on the phone.

I'm getting through each day and wouldn't trade a minute with my mother. But I pray for patience and more than enough love to see us through. Please keep us in your prayers. I hope my faith is enough.

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