Saturday, April 19, 2008

Never Too Old for Compliments

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Sometimes it just takes one little thing to open your eyes to something that's been right in front of your face. In this case, the "little thing" was taking my mother to the hair salon to have her hair done.

The woman who does her hair is a lovely woman, I'd guess to be in her late 60's. She is talkative and never fails to tell mother how beautiful her hair is. It is beautiful, thick and a pure white that she wears short in a wash and wear kind of style. As the stylist cut and they talked, I overheard several comments she made to mother, all of which were compliments of sorts on different things. By the tone of her voice, you could tell she was sincere in what she said.

I swear, it seemed that Mom sat a little taller and her face glowed with happiness by the time we left. The kindness of that stylist and the pleasure it gave my mother really hit me. Everyone likes to feel special and noticed. I'm going to make sure she knows she is.

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