Friday, April 4, 2008

Live-in Caregivers

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Canada is experiencing a unique demand in the Nanny industry. According to a CBS news report, live-in caregivers are in hot demand and not just for childcare. Elder care live-ins are being brought in from foreign countries to satisfy the requests of more and more families of the elderly.

Full time caregivers can be had by this method for around $1700 a month. Keeping a senior in a private care home can amount to $3000 a month or more., an agency based in Toronto that recruits and screens caregivers for both child and elder care, say that is just one reason for the current trend. "You can ensure your parents are treated well, and it's not always the same case when you're giving your parents into the hands of an organization or institution" says Andrea Texeira, spokesperson for She also reports that 75% of their calls these days are for live-in elder care.

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