Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Safety at Home

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As I've grown older,I notice my steps are not as sure as when I was young. Walking over uneven ground outdoors, climbing up steps, getting in and out of the bathtub, are all activities that leave me unconsciously reaching to steady myself.

When we remodeled our master bath, we installed grab bars, thinking ahead for the years to come. Although my husband and I were still 20 years from retirement, I quickly knew they were a real blessing! Down the road, there are other locations throughout the house where I envision a grab bar to be added.

Many safety issues in the home become apparent when we are caregivers to the elderly. Because some of our parents have poor eyesight or body's ravaged by arthritis or other health problems,several things can and should be done to increase mobility if the aging are to continue living alone.
These are: 1) Ensure proper lighting.
2) Make the floors non-skid
3) Install grab bars where there's danger of falling
4) Make the main rooms level;eliminate steps where possible
5) Make doorways and hallways wide enough to accommodate wheelchairs
6) Investigate technology for lowering or raising counters and cook
The demand for aging in place will undoubtedly continue, so modifying your home to meet the demand makes sense all around.

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