Friday, April 18, 2008

Assistive Technology Now

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In previous posts, I have mentioned the need for assistive technology (new and better ways for remaining independent)in the homes of our loved ones who still live alone. Here are a few to ponder.

Medic Alert is a system that has been around for awhile and works through a monitoring system by a pendant or bracelet worn by the individual. If the individual wanders away, as in the case of dementia patients, when someone encounters that person, there is an 800 number to call.

Another monitoring system called Quiet Care, uses small infrared sensors placed throughout the home to monitor the senior's activities. There are no cameras or intrusions of privacy, and the senior does not have to interact with the system. Several things the system can do: monitor taking daily medications, home temperature, bathroom frequency, sleeping habits, eating schedules, fall detection and other potential accidents. This data is fed to a computer program that analyzes the patterns, and notifies the family caregiver when the pattern deviates from an established baseline.

Xanboo System utilizes a more comprehensive monitoring system, using cameras, door sensors and home automation controls, that can issue alerts, turn on lights, monitor door exits, and send text messages and video clips to a caregivers cell phone or computer. For more on this system that can be self installed, go to

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