Friday, August 22, 2008

Medicare Plans Coming Around Again

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Economic times have been hard on everyone, but especially the senior citizen on a fixed income. Although it is only the end of August, in two and a half months, the hype will start on Medicare health plans.

Many seniors are aware of Medicare and Medicare Supplements. The government supplies Medicare(which you have already contributed to)and Medicare Supplements are private companies plans approved for sale to the over age 65 population to pick up the 20% not covered under Medicare. That is a rough explanation, by the way. For a more detailed explanation, go to

The reason I mention the elderly and Medicare plans coming into view November 15th, is because the confusion continues...not always due to poor explanations on the part of the plan companies, but due to the fact the elderly plainly cannot comprehend the complicated details of what is covered and how the deductibles work. The Medicare Advantage Plans further add to the confusion. I do, however, think these plans are definitely worth the time to figue them out.

Once again, let me say, it is NOT all the fault of the insurance companies. Granted, they need to get their act together sooner rather than later. Meaning, talking about what is available and changing details time after time before the end of each calendar year is unacceptable. Also,someone in Medicare needs to make a decision on approving these plans sooner then December of each year!

Let's see what happens in 22 1/2 months.

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