Friday, August 8, 2008

To Test or Not To Test

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Been a while since I posted, but several things have been happening.

My sister has been in town for a visit. As luck would have it, mother had a doctor's appointment and it had been discussed by ALL of us that we would talk to the doctor about more memory testing to see what could be done for mom, if anything.

I must say, I was disappointed in her doctor. Nice as he was, he seemed to be missing the point of our questions. You see, he had prescribed Aricept about a year ago, when we first broached the subject following a memory test clinic where I had taken mother. The doctor there had enough concern about her responses, he suggested further tests, including MRI, to diagnose dementia or not. The Aricept made her dizzy and after a month and a half, she stopped taking it. My sister and I have seen a decline in time concept, (she gets times and dates confused or forgets altogether). The problem of remembering nouns, names of things, people and places, has only gotten worse. Mother agrees it concerns her too.

Her primary care physician says he will not put her through the tests. When I asked why, his response was that "this is her, this is the way she is." He feels she is doing well for her age and she loves to hear that. She IS doing well, and we want to keep her that way! To live independently and healthy as possible is our only goal.

Mother is happy the doctor "took her part". For some reason, she doesn't understand we are only trying to delay the progress of what seems inevitable. Perhaps, what really is inevitable is we're just beating our heads against the wall.

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