Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The 40-70 Rule

I was happy to see in the Port Clinton News where a national company has started a campaign urging adult children to initiate conversation with their older parents about the "delicate" issues. By delicate, I mean when to stop driving, and money, among others.

Home Instead Senior Care has called its public education campaign the "40-70 Rule". If you are 40 and your parent is 70, it's time to begin the conversation on their wishes as they age. As I wrote in my post Never Too Soon To Plan, this is not always easy. Parents don't always want to discuss sensitive issues with their children. Some may not see their children as adults and that is a big hurdle to get past. On the other hand, many adult children don't want to get involved early and find themselves in crisis mode when they must be involved.

The Home Instead campaign has a "40-70 Rule" guide they will give you for free. According to the arcticle in The Port Clinton News, the guide provides many tips and conversation starters to help break the conversation barrier. You can pick one up at your local Home Instead Senior Care office or call 877.733.5050. You can also visit online at www.4070talk.com.

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