Sunday, February 17, 2008

Superbrain Yoga

In an article taken from AARP Magazine, I've discovered a new way of boosting brain power! Now, this is something anyone may be interested in, the aging parent or the caregiver.

Yoga has been around a long time, and before you panic at the thought of trying to put your body through the many contortions Yoga is known for, let me reassure you, that is not the case here. Actually, it's one of the reasons I was so excited to read the method for Superbrain Yoga as it is called, because there is no way I could twist myself into a pretzel for my brain or anything else! I truly admire those who have mastered the art of Yoga, but I still have difficulty sitting cross legged on a mat. While I believe I'll have to leave the intricate positions to the masters of Yoga, I think I can accomplish the one described in AARP magazine under the Mental Muscle heading.

Basically, you hold onto your right earlobe with your left thumb and finger, and your left earlobe with your right thumb and finger, stimulating accupressure points on the earlobes. While pressing on the earlobes, squat a little with your legs about shoulder width apart and do about 10 deep bends while you breathe in and out. I've taken some liberty with the instructions, so it would be best if you check it out in AARP magazine. The article says it should be done daily.
Don't you wonder how my mother is going to like this exercise? I'll let you know.

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