Thursday, February 7, 2008

Now We Wait

This morning was my mother's monthly appointment to check the levels of blood thinner in her system. Until recently, I took her for this blood work every week and her medications were adjusted each time as necessary. Her new doctor felt that was excessive and told her he didn't do things that way. Needless to say, the new schedule made ME happy, so long as it was good for Mom.

This appointment was also the first time she had been back to her primary care physician since the last visit to Memory Care. I spoke of this in my post Let's Face It...Who Likes Exercise? as exercise was one of the things suggested to keep the brain functioning better for longer. No one can be really certain they have the beginnings of Alzheimers disease, but the doctor at Memory Care felt there was enough concern from the initial testing that Mom should go ahead with the full battery of tests, including an MRI. If she wanted to. And up to today, she wanted to! According to Mom, she "just didn't want to say anything about it right now".

So now we wait. I hope I'll be ready to hear the verdict when she finally is ready. In the meantime, lots of exercise to do!

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