Sunday, February 24, 2008

Walk-in Bathing

Experts tell us that 80% of all people in a nursing home are there due to fall related injuries while trying to bathe. The new technology of walk-in bathing could be the most important step to thriving and living independently for as long as you choose.

As we age, our strength, stamina and flexibility diminish and we eventually face a range of bathing issues that didn't exist when we were younger. But our bathing environment stays the same. Aside from a grab bar, we don't remodel our bathrooms to incorporate new technologies to eliminate the dangers. Many seniors are embarrassed to acknowledge they have these problems and the family may tend to ignore the problem until the senior is injured.

Aside from jacuzzi tubs, bathrooms have not changed a lot in their basic designs. Citing the statistic above of the percentage of seniors in nursing homes from fall injuries, this makes the bathroom the most dangerous room in your home! Walk in baths have high side walls and low threshold doors that permit bathers to enter without needing to lift their feet more than a couple of inches. There is no risk of slipping and falling, or trying to get up and down from floor level.

I am told high quality walk-in bathtubs offer the relaxation, pain reduction and invigoration of Medical Hydrotherapy. It sounds like this should be an option in new home construction as well as remodeling targeted at seniors. I'd love to set a new trend!

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