Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Look Who's Moving In

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More baby boomers are preparing to care for their aging parents by remodeling their living accommodations. According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, boomers are remodeling or building new homes to accommodate parents now or in the future. From efficiency apartments to entire suites with elevator access, children of aging parents are accepting responsibility in providing a suitable living arrangement for their family.

Not all adult children can or will accept the additional financial burden to the budget. And this is acceptable but should be discussed between the family members BEFORE the need occurs. If children remain at home, they should be considered in the equation and not be expected to shoulder a major portion of care for the elderly family member. Privacy for all is an important component. No matter what age, children should, however, be expected to contribute their share to household maintenance as usual, and, in my opinion, companionship to the grandparent on a regular basis should be STRONGLY encouraged.

This type of living arrangement is not for every family. But more American caregivers are finding it may be the only realistic way to provide care for their aging parents.

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