Monday, March 17, 2008

Vacation Update

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Just a quick update on our mountain vacation and how Mom is doing at home on her own.

The family and friends arrived Saturday in fine shape. It has been rather chaotic at times but absolutely wonderful. My daughter-in-law and her friend have taken over the kitchen and except for minor contributions on my part, I am totally immersed in getting to know my small granddaughter. What a joy it is to hold her and receive the smiles that are new to her and a vivid reminder of those of her father when he was a baby. Nothing can change the memories I hold in my heart of my children when they were young. I find myself repeating stories to anyone who will listen of their antics and tender moments.

Sometime in each day,I touch base with my mother to assure myself all is well. After babysitting my granddaughter this afternoon while the younger adults went out, I found myself comparing things my mother had told me with the thoughts and feelings I have on this vacation. We're not so different in the way we feel at certain times in our lives. My mother loves to hear the details of this trip and all the things going on. The only difference is whether she will remember what I've reported. But then, who's to say that the memories that live in my heart will be in my mind when I am 85? Here's hoping.

One last note; I've been having rather iffy signals on my computer. So if I am out of touch for a few days, I will be back when I'm able! Thanks for following my blog.

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