Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Returning to Routine

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What a wonderful time my family and I had in the mountains! Reception on my air card wasn't good, but that's the only thing I would complain about. So I apologize to anyone following this blog and will return to my routine post haste!

Update on my mother: She did very well while I was away. Of course, we talked often and she enjoyed going with my inlaws to their church and out to eat on Easter Sunday. I did notice while talking with her, her recall of nouns was as bad or worse than when I left. I'll pay close attention my next visit and see where she stands before she begins a memory class she signed up for with a friend. The local hospital puts on the class and I would like some sort of "yardstick" to measure what I would call improvement. Mother's expectations aren't too high. Mine are still in question.

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