Thursday, March 6, 2008

Safety Planning for Wanderers

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When the diagnosis of Alzheimer's is made, the patient may be experiencing early stage mild memory loss and confusion. Challenges arise when individuals progress to the middle stages. Wandering is a classic behavioral symptom in the middle stage, and one which often becomes a safety issue. The question for caregivers is how to ensure safety without limiting mobility and freedom.

While there are common symptoms that characterize Alzheimer's disease, each person experiences the illness differently. Therefore, wandering may be a more serious issue for some than others. Steps should be taken to implement a safety plan. A very important step to take is enrolling the person in an identification bracelet program. Check with your local Alzheimer's Resource Center if you have one, or the Sheriff's Department in your County. The ID bracelets are registered with the Sheriff's departments, so they should be able to give you information on who to see for a safety program kit. Tragic outcomes can be avoided and lives can be saved with planning.

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